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Casino Gambling In Alabama

Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling is seen as a great source of industry in many countries and states around the world. Many people are drawn to the casinos and they spend their money and visit the areas surrounding the casinos. There are some ethical issues that prevent some states from taking advantage of the industry that is available through casinos. The state of Alabama is one of the states that do have casinos, but they have closed casinos over time.

Many people are hoping to turn things around and get more casinos back into the state. Many legislatures feel that by having more casinos in the state that there will be more jobs for unemployed people. There were thousands of jobs that were reportedly lost due to the closing of these casinos.

Many people are trying to get those casinos back on board, but there are questions as to whether or not they are doing things the right way. There are individuals that are currently under scrutiny for trying to bribe legislators to vote for a gambling bill that would allow many of the casinos to open up again. These men have continued to assert that they are not guilty of the charges, but they will be tried on the 4th of April.

One ray of hope for some people is that Robert Bentley has been making some changes since entering office. He had been in the office of Governor for less than a day before he took out the former governor’s gambling task force. He has expressed that this should be not seen as a sign that the gambling sites will reopen, but there are many people that have taken this to mean just that.

The crackdown on casino gambling started in the beginning of 2009 under former governor Bob Riley’s direction. He tried to crack down on illegal gambling and started going from county to county shutting things down. Many people thought that it was impossible because so many people were employed by these gambling companies. This was not the case and now there are many people that are trying to get things back in order.

The problem is that many of the counties and cities maintain that much of their money that that bring in is through gambling. Their budgets rely heavily on gambling and will be in trouble.

While some people would look at the situation and think that it is a matter of stopping illegal activity, it seems that these cities do not feel like their use of Bingo machines and other forms of gambling are actually illegal. They assert that they are doing nothing unlawful and should be able to resume their fight.

These issues will continually be fought over the next couple of years. There is not imminent change that will occur as the proceedings for these sorts of bills tend to take months to get started, but there will certainly be those that are trying to get the casino gambling scene in Alabama going again.

Finding the Best Online Casino for Safe and Secure Play

It is difficult to visit Macau, Las Vegas, or the riverboats of New Orleans regularly. Traveling to casinos is often a long process which requires money for flights, taxis, and hotels. The expenses add up quickly. Online Gambling offer incredible flexibility for players. These Gambling sites operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and many provide finest services. There are not any lines, smokey tables, or pressures to gamble from the staff.

Online Gambling are becoming incredibly popular because they offer many of the same gaming experiences offered at traditional casinos. Online Gambling games include video poker, 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, I-slots, classic slots, American roulette, European roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Texas hold ’em poker, and even scratch lottery tickets. These games can be enjoyed in multi player environments or solo. There is never any pressure from the other players or the staff about how you want to spend your money.

Finding the Best Online Casino for Safe and Secure Play

There is a huge concern for players who are looking to gamble at online casinos. As everyone is aware, there are scam artists on the internet trying to take your money. So, one must be prudent while performing research and selecting an online gambling. Honest and trustworthy online gambling sites exist. The player must check that the gambling sites is licensed and legal, provides encryption in the software, offers game reviews, has a support staff, provides security during deposits and withdrawals, and has a commitment to responsible gaming.

Licensed and Legal

An unlicensed casino offers no player protection. As such, it is absolutely critical that the player check to see if the gambling sites has been licensed. One of the most credible and trusted licenses comes from Taj Asia Enterprises N.V. If the casino has this license, it is held to high gaming standards and offers high levels of player protection.

Software and Encryption

SSL For Secure ConnectionThe Gambling sites should have encryption in the software. Most of the top virtual casinos use 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. 128-bit SSL encryption is the same encryption software used by the military and government to protect critical data. This commitment to protecting the players data is evidence that a Gambling sites is safe and secure.

Game Reviews

The anti-fraud division of the casino must be strong. The player should always be allowed to review and audit previous plays, hands, or spins in order to analyze the result of the game. A cashier statement system should also be in place to allow the review of any financial transactions conducted. Game reviews show a commitment to fair play from the virtual casinos.

Support Staff

Casino play online can seem daunting at first. The casino should have a support staff available 24 hours a day to handle questions, inquiries, and problems. Likewise, the support should be offered via live chat, email, or phone. A potential player should research that the casino offers a support staff before downloading any software. Top virtual casinos have amazing and helpful support staffs.

Deposit and Withdrawal Security

Protecting the players money must be a top concern for any casino. Excellent online casino use 128-bit encryption, reputable industry software (such as BetOnSoft), provide a VeriSign seal of protection, and are transparent about transaction fees. The casino should be able to take a variety of payment methods including bank cards, credit cards, cashier checks, and bank wires. The deposits and withdrawals should be timely. Top online casino take Visa, bank wires, My Citadel Wallet, Click and Buy, etc.Deposit and Withdrawal Security

A casino’s online security protection should include identity verification to prevent fraud. The casino should verify your identity with a photographic ID, proof of address, validate document, and with copies of credit/debit card transactions. If the casino is safe and secure, it will make sure that the player is the actual person conducting the transactions at the casino before allowing the player to gamble.

Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Just like traditional brick and mortar casino, online casinos should have a commitment to responsible gaming. The casino website and software should offer access to gambling support numbers and hotlines. The casino should encourage responsible play and have a proven track record of taking responsible gambling seriously.

Recommendations For The Best Online Casino For Safe And Secure Play

There are many options for gamers looking to gamble online. This is a short list of recommendations of the safest and most secure casinos available today.

Lotus Asia Casino

The Lotus Asia Casino is suited for US and Asian players. The casino uses the best encryption software and holds one of the most sought after licenses from the gaming commission. The casino is popular for multi player table games against the house and great payouts.

Black Lotus Casino

The Black Lotus Casino is preferred by UK, US, Canada, and Australia based players. This casino offers high limit gambling and some of the fastest payouts in the industry. Players can enjoy a variety of table games, slots, and novelty games.

Fone casino

The Fone casino offers safe and secure gaming via mobile devices. This Gambling site is the industry leader in the mobile gaming platform because it offers tremendous player protection. The casino also has regular bonus offers and finest promotions. Every transaction is secured with the best encryption software available in gaming.